Why SimplyCertify Should Be Your CE Program’s Certification Software

Why SimplyCertify Should Be Your CE Program’s Certification Software

September 19, 2017 Certification Software 0
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If your current LMS has tracking tools, then why bother with another one?

We understand that most CE providers who come to us will already have a Learning Management System that they’re using to run their online course.

Unless you’re building your course from the ground up, you already have a good idea of what you’re looking for when it comes to the software you use to manage your course.

You may even already be familiar with certification management software as one of the built-in features with your current LMS.

However, there are still some excellent reasons for choosing us to manage your certifications.

If your current LMS certification management tools aren’t quite getting the job done, here are our top reasons for using SimplyCertify instead.

1. If you don’t have a certification management system, you need one.

Not every LMS comes with a built-in certification management tool. However, having a tool that can track and manage certificates is a huge cost-saver for your program.

Ours can not only dramatically reduce the time you and your staff spend on administration, it also helps you improve your sales. And it helps ensure the credibility your program, adding value for both you and your learners.

So, if you’ve been limping along without one till now, do yourself a favor and start using ours. You’ll make back the cost in time and efficiency in no time.

2. Your current LMS treats certification management like a side job.

Any good LMS provides a lot of powerful functionality to help you create and manage your online course. These features include everything from discussion forums to quizzing tools, not to mention grade management and reporting functions.

In other words, your LMS has a lot on its plate. Which is why they may not have devoted as much time and effort into a certification management tool. It’s a nice bonus feature to their core product—not the product itself.

Our priorities are undivided. That means we can flesh out a more robust tool that will handle all your needs, allowing you to focus your priorities on your program.

3. You didn’t choose your LMS for its certification software.

How much attention did you pay to certification tools when you were choosing the LMS for your online course?

Given everything you need your LMS to do for you, you probably had a number of features competing for your attention.

Maybe you made your final decision because you liked the user interface. Or maybe the course management tools won you over. Whichever feature sealed the deal, it probably wasn’t the certification software.

Sure, the admin aspects of your online course aren’t nearly as exciting as the course itself. But they are critical to keeping your course healthy and strong.

Instead of settling for whatever certification features your current LMS uses, make the choices separately. Find the best LMS you can, and if its certification tools aren’t great, find the best certification tool you can.

4. SimplyCertify offers functionality your current LMS doesn’t.

Does the certification management software that comes with your current LMS allow you to send automated recertification reminders to your recipients?

Can you manage bulk user uploads and certificate corrections? How many of your day-to-day tasks can you automate? And are these features easy to use, or are they clumsy and awkward?

Our years of experience working with LMSs has given us an in-depth look at what CE providers need in a good certification management tool.

We know what features are most important, and we’ve worked hard to create a program that can function almost on autopilot. Our goal is to save you time by reducing your busywork. How much of that does your current system do?

5. You can switch your LMS without having to lose your data.

For many users who are unhappy with their LMS, the risk of losing data poses a strong deterrent against switching to another system.

After all, you’re using your certification software to track all kinds of information about your learners. And you have unique identifying information for each user that you need to keep intact so that you can verify your recipients’ credentials.

There’s a lot to move. Is it worth the risk?

Well, it’s also not great to be chained to an LMS that isn’t providing you the services you want.

If your provider pushes an update you don’t like, drops a feature, or fails to provide the support you need, it can have an impact on your program. And in that case, managing your certification course off a different platform can offer you the flexibility to switch LMSs if the one you’re using isn’t working out.

6. You don’t have to give up your LMS—SimplyCertify can work with it.

SimplyCertify is not an LMS, and is not here to replace the LMS you’re currently using.

While we originally designed SimplyCertify to work with our partner LMS, LearnDash, we also built it to be LMS agnostic.

That means we can work with your system, no matter what you use. In fact, you don’t even need an LMS to trigger certifications with our software. No LMS? No problem.

Choose the right tool for the task.

There’s a joke about Internet Explorer that defines it as “a program used to download Chrome.” Or Firefox. Or whatever internet browser you prefer.

The point of the joke is that, even though IE comes equipped on any Windows PC, many users go out of their way to download a different web browser because they know it will work better.

In other words, sometimes, the prepackaged tools just aren’t up for the task.

We believe you should view your certification management software the same way. If you appreciate the value of a good tool, you’ll know how much time and frustration investing in the right one can save you. We built SimplyCertify to be the right tool for the job.

Why not give it a try?


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