Does Your Continuing Education Program Need Certification Management Software?

Does Your Continuing Education Program Need Certification Management Software?

September 12, 2017 Continuing Education 0
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Here’s what certification management software can do for your business.

How do you currently manage the backend administrative tasks of your CE program?

If you’re still managing your course the old-fashioned way, then you’re probably missing out on some valuable tools that can improve you CE program and increase your profits.

Certification management software is often overlooked by CE providers and LMSs alike, because both have more important problems to solve—like how to run an effective continuing education program.

But the benefits of good software are far-reaching, and have a significant impact on your business. So, if you haven’t considered an upgrade recently, you could be overdue.

What’s the problem with your current system?

Let’s say you’re used to your way of doing things. Maybe your LMS handles some tasks, you handle others manually, and the rest you’re not too worried about. After all, this is how you’ve always managed your program. Your system may not be perfect, but it gets the job done.

Or does it?

Depending on the time you spend each week on paperwork, or the missed sales opportunities that result from your preoccupation with these tasks, your current methods could be costing you money.

They’re also limiting your ability to learn about your learners and market your program more effectively.

In the long term, this will impact your ability to compete with other CE programs. Right now, it’s diverting time and attention away from your more important projects.

The good news is that there are better options available.

What should you look for in certification management software?

For starters, any good certification tool should be compatible with your current LMS. It should also free you from the need to print and mail paper certificates.

With that in mind, here are some of the features that good certification management software can bring to your business.

1. Unique and trackable certifications.

Unique, trackable certification is critical for every credible CE program.

In order for a certificate to be meaningful to employers and accrediting institutions, there must be a way in which it can be linked to an individual recipient. Doing so also helps ensure the certificate is still valid and hasn’t been faked.

Certification management software can do this for you by providing unique identifier numbers for every certificate. This also creates a record for that certificate, allowing you to modify, re-issue, or revoke that certificate if necessary.

And you can accomplish all of this without having to dig through a complex spreadsheet or print and mail paper certificates.

2. Automate tedious administration tasks.

Many CE programs notice regular busy periods depending on the professional cycle of their core demographic. This means they sometimes receive bulk lists of new enrollees to their program, and subsequently have to issue many certificates at once.

These tasks are not only tedious; they can lead to unnecessary delays as your learners wait for you to get through that mountain of paperwork.

Automation solves both these problems at once.

With bulk user uploads and instant certification, you no longer have to worry about busy periods slowing you down. In fact, automation essentially lets you set some of your most time-consuming tasks on autopilot. You can even automate notifications to promote your program.

3. Increase your recertification rate.

One of the big disadvantages of old certification management systems is that they place the burden of marketing your certification course squarely on your shoulders. This is particularly true when it comes to recertification.

Either you have to rely on your certificate recipients keeping track of when their certification expires and coming back to you, or you must track this information yourself and remind them when they’re due for renewal.

But what if your software managed this for you?

All you would have to do is write the emails you want it to send, and program when in the certification cycle you want them to go out.

Good certification software can manage this for you. And in doing so, it can help you keep in touch with your recipients and keep your program top of mind when it comes time to recertify.

4. Sell more certificates.

A higher recertification rate means more sales, but that’s not the only way automation can help market your CE program. You can also send notifications about new certification programs or updates on your current offerings.

You can even enable social media sharing so that your learners can post about their progress or share their certification to LinkedIn. This attracts more attention to your program, and is a simple way to expand your marketing reach.

If your program sells certification as a requirement for access to a service or material, management software can streamline the process by allowing you to set a price and deliver certification instantly.

And because all that happens automatically, it won’t add anything to your workload.

5. Learn more about your users.

How much do you know about your users? What percentage of them complete your program? At what point do your learners drop out, and how often do they engage with your material?

Answering these questions is the key to providing a better CE program. For instance, knowing your dropout rate can help you improve your course so that more of your learners achieve certification.

After all, no one recommends a certification program they failed to complete.

What certification management software are you using right now?

Now that you know what your management tools should be doing for you, how does your current system compare? If you handle these administration tasks manually, or if these features aren’t offered as part of your LMS, then you it’s time you switched to something better.

We built all these features into SimplyCertify to create a certification management system that not only saves you time, but boosts your profit margin as well.

You can eliminate the hours you spend on needless paperwork every month, and concentrate your energy on providing a better CE program for your users.

Your business is about more than tedious administrative chores. Let us handle the busy work. You focus on what matters.


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