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Tips for Launching a Global Certification Training Program

You want to bring your program to an international audience. Here’s how. Have you ever thought about offering your certification ...
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5 Reasons You’re About to Choose the Wrong LMS

What you should consider before you commit to a Learning Management System. Choosing an LMS is a critical step toward ...
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5 Reasons to Create an Online Certification Program

You have an idea for an online certification course. Should you follow through? Have you ever thought about launching an ...
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How Worried Should You Be about Online Certification Fraud?

How to find fakes and fight fraud with online certification. For many businesses looking to create and promote an online ...
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Should Your Membership Program Offer Certifications?

4 Reasons why your membership program should start implementing certifications. Does your membership organization need a certification program? Depending on ...
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What Pricing Models Work Best for Certification Programs?

You’re ready to begin selling certificates. What pricing model should you choose? As a business owner with a new certification ...
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4 Tools Every CEU Program Should Have

Before you launch your CEU certification program, make sure you’re prepared. E-learning and online certification is a growing field. As ...
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7 Ways Automated Email Reminders Save Your Training Program Time and Money

Email automation can clear up your task list and improve your course. Part of running an effective certification program means ...
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Accreditation: Do You Need It for Your Courses?

Is accreditation a “need to have” or a “nice to have” for your certification program? You’ve created a stellar certification ...
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6 Ways SimplyCertify Saves You Money

Does running the administrative end of your certification course feel like a full-time job? If you’re struggling to stay on ...
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