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Textbook with notebook and mechanical pencil.

Should You Worry About People Cheating in Your Online Training Program?

How do people cheat during online tests, and how can you prevent it? Testing is a critical component of any ...
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Two coworkers writing on a dry erase board.

4 Reasons to Incorporate Certification into Employee Training

How certification programs help businesses nurture professional development. Any business knows the challenges of effectively recruiting, training, and retaining reliable ...
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Notebook with sketches showing different content types,

6 Ways to Organize Course Content to Make It More Memorable

If you want your course to succeed, make it memorable—in more ways than one. As an online educator, you know ...
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Students collaborating around a table.

How to Build an Online Community for Your Education Program

Community is what sets your certification course apart. Here’s how to get it going. We often speak of the convenience ...
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Learners attending continuing education seminars in a classroom setting.

How Seminars and Live Events Build Your Certification Course

CEUs and live events: when your online certification course doesn’t have to be online. Seminars and conferences have long formed ...
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A hand holding out a debit card.

How a Free Certification Course Can Help Grow Your Program

A free certification course can be a valuable loss leader for your business. You’ve recently developed a certification course, but ...
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A mug of colored pencils as a metaphor for how to stand out from the competition.

5 Ways to Stand Out from the Competition With Your Online Course

How can you attract attention to your certification courses when your market is ultra-competitive?  Online certification courses are becoming ever ...
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Microphone in recording studio.

How Continuing Education Webinars Build Your Certification Course

6 Reasons to host a webinar for your continuing education course. As a continuing education course provider, you’ve probably spent ...
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Retail store with a selection of items on display.

5 Course Ideas for Online Retail Certification

Do you have an idea for a retail certification course? Here’s how businesses benefit. The struggles of the retail industry ...
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How to Avoid the Hidden Costs of your Certification Program

Don’t be taken off guard by some of the hidden costs of running a certification course. You have your certification ...
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