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Student on the grass using a computer to take a user-friendly certification program,

How User-Friendly Is Your Certification Program?

Do you have to be a "computer person" to take an online course? If you’re the kind of person who ...
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A man on a laptop looking at email newsletter in his inbox.

10 Best Practices for Creating an Email Newsletter

How to create an effective email newsletter that won’t end up in the spam folder. Email newsletters are a popular ...
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SEO 101 for Certification Course Providers

SEO 101 for Certification Course Providers

What is SEO, and how can it help you sell your certification course? If you’ve spent any time looking into ...
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Image of clock on a red wall.

How Many Online Study Hours Should Your Learners Plan For

For learners intending to take your course, knowing how much time to set aside is key. Online certification learners often ...
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Elements of an Outstanding Tutorial Video

6 Elements of an Outstanding Tutorial Video

Build interest and improve learning through effective video tutorials. A good tutorial video is a key element to many online ...
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person at a computer looking at images on social media

How to Earn Social Proof for Your Certification Program

What is social proof, and why do you need it for your marketing? One of the greatest challenges for any ...
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Graphic of arm with wrench showing how strategy applies to marketing.

7 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid with Your Certification Course

You’re ready to sell your certification course. But are you about to fall into a marketing trap? The first sales ...
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Student in front of a laptop computer studying for an online certification program.

5 Online Teaching Fundamentals for Certification Providers

Even if you’ve taught in the classroom, teaching online presents new challenges. If you’re preparing to teach your first certification ...
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Glasses in front of an eye exam test showing how letters come into focus with testing.

8 Reasons Beta Testing Helps Your Certification Program

Wondering if you can skip the beta testing phase of your certification program? Here’s why you shouldn’t. If you've ever ...
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Two men sitting back to back in front of a brick wall typing on a laptop and using a mobile phone.

How to Encourage Feedback from Certification Recipients

Sick of operating in the dark? Use recipient feedback to improve your course. Most successful certification programs benefit from continual ...
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