About Us


Change the way we award & manage certifications.

It all started in 2014.

It was one year after we launched our own LMS and we began noticing that the continuing education (CE) industry was in desperate need of a reliable, simple system for automating the certification lifecycle. 

Over the years we identified patterns in the needs of CE providers. Seeing that no real solution existed to help them run their programs better, we decided to build one! 

SimplyCertify was built from the ground-up with one goal: bring the benefits of automation to CE providers to free up their time and increase revenue.

First hand experience.

We built SimplyCertify based on our experience building & growing LearnDash LMS, the most trusted WordPress LMS used by continuing education providers and major universities.

A personal invitation.

If you are running a continuing education program that we know that you will love what SimplyCertify can do for you and your business.

“SimplyCertify is the direct result of working with continuing education programs for over a decade. Your program will immediately benefit from the moment you start. Give it a try – you won’t regret it.”

Justin Ferriman
co-founder & ceo

“One of the best things about SimplyCertify is that it gives CE programs like yours an invaluable resource: time. We take care of the clerical stuff so that you can focus on the parts of your program that matter most.”

Kloe Ferriman
co-founder & coo

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