5 Ways Learners Benefit as a Result of Better Certification Software

5 Ways Learners Benefit as a Result of Better Certification Software

September 7, 2017 Continuing Education 0
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Less busywork means more time for creating and improving your continuing education courses.

When was the last time you thought about the software you use to manage your certification program? If you’ve never researched the market—or if it’s been a few years since the last time you did—you may find that your current system is letting you down.

For years, the market for efficient, automated certification software has been sparse.

Many CE providers rely on whatever management tools came with their LMS. However, these tools are often an afterthought, and often lack the features and usability that certification software should offer.

Other CE providers are forced to accomplish these tasks manually, which has an impact on their efficiency and their bottom line.

However, upgrading certification software doesn’t just save CE providers time and money, it benefits users as well.

By helping with administrative tasks behind the scenes, a good management tool can streamline the certification process for all involved, while also providing a few additional features. Here are five ways in which upgrading your certification software can help you offer a better CE program to your learners.

1. Secure validation.

In order for your certificate to be valuable to users, it needs to be verifiable by employers and sanctioning bodies.

This means that all your certificates should have a unique identifier number that connects the certificate to its recipient. This is a critical feature for any good certification program, and has benefits for you, accrediting institutions, and certificate recipients.

From your perspective, being able to track a certificate through its unique identifier number allows you to modify or revoke a certificate remotely if necessary.

It also makes certificates harder to fake, adding credibility to your program. Employers, institutions, and sanctioning bodies can rest assured that the certificate comes from your program, and is valid and up to date.

Finally, your learners have the assurance that their certification comes from a credible program, and they don’t have to worry about it being invalid.

2. Eliminate the wait.

Manually issuing certificates takes up your time and delays users from moving forward with their plans.

If your course enrollees need certification for their job, or for upcoming classes at an educational institution, this delay can be costly and stressful.

A busy season or international delivery can compound the problem, increasing the wait time and leaving you with more paper work. If your current system requires you to manually issue certificates, or if your LMS doesn’t offer automatic certification, then your ability to offer a competitive certification program is hampered.

On the other hand, instant certification, available to any recipient in any country around the globe, offers an undeniable benefit for anyone eager to achieve certification without delay.

Even if your user signs up for certification at the last minute, or lives halfway around the world, they will receive their certificate the instant they complete their course.

3. Encourage social sharing.

Social sharing is a win-win for you and your certificate recipients.

For you, it’s free publicity. A tweet, Facebook post, or LinkedIn update with your brand automatically tagged will help to spread work of your program, particularly when it comes with a positive review.

Meanwhile, your learners have an opportunity not only to share their achievement, but to promote their newly acquired credentials.

This may seem like a small detail, but a gentle prompt can go a long way.

Your users can easily forget to post about their certificate, or they may not tag your program when they do so. By making it easier for them, you also get to enjoy the publicity they bring your way.

4. Keep your learners in the loop.

Your users have a lot to keep up with. You can help ensure they don’t miss anything important by sending them email notifications for coupons and program updates. You can even send reminders for when it’s time to recertify.

Many professional are required to earn a certain number of CEUs a year, or they need to regularly recertify to maintain their jobs.

If they miss a recertification deadline, or if they fail to accumulate enough CEUs, it can have significant consequences for their professional development.

A simple reminder email can boost your recertification rate and build loyalty with your users.

5. Focus on your course, not the paperwork.

Running an excellent certification program takes time and attention. You always have more important tasks on your to-do list than the tedious administrative chores that take up so much of your day.

But it seems like the paperwork is unavoidable if you’re going to keep your course running.

Someone must enter new users into your system, send out notification emails, and issue certificates. Either you have to do it, or you need to hire someone else to take care of it for you—right?

Imagine how much more you could accomplish if your certification software handled these tasks instead.

You could increase your course offerings, add new certifications, improve your current certification courses, and boost your sales. With fewer resources tied up in busywork, more can be diverted toward developing a better program.

The right certification software can help you offer a better certification course.

It’s not hard for users to spot the difference between certification programs that offer the above and those that don’t.

A CE course without a verifiable certificate will raise red flags with some learners, and could cost you business.

Or imagine handling the irate customer service call from a user who expected to receive certification instantly, and is now panicking about receiving their certification too late.

And how about that use who forgot about their looming recertification deadline—if only there had been a reminder!

The good news is that an update to your certification management tools can spare you from these scenarios. And it an do so while also saving you time and money, and improving user experience. If your current system—or the software provided by your LMS—doesn’t provide these benefits, it is time to look for a better option.

Your users will thank you.


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